Group1 5주차 트레이닝

저는 일땜에 참가를 못했지만, 이번주 화요일은 인터벌 훈련이네요. 밑에 아리따운 러너의 실제 훈련영상이 있으니 참고하시구요.

HI Group 1

August is here!!! Workout for tomorrow will be 6 x 800 with a tag (on).

We have a speaker. So after he is done let’s drive over to Howard Community College Track for the workout (If Oakland Mills is available we can use that track).


Warm up

2 miles (6 laps easy, then strides on straightaway for 2 laps)


Work out

6 x 800 (2 laps) at Yasso pace (So take your predicted marathon time and instead of hrs and min it become mins and seconds. So 3hr, 30 mins Marathon finish time becomes a 3min, 30sec for 800 M). and 400 m recovery easy running.




Cool down

1-2 miles easy

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  1. Group 2

    We are fast approaching Tuesday night and that means another fast workout!! Hope you’re excited!

    The plan for tomorrow is to run 6 x 800 meter repeats with 400 meter recoveries. We will be doing this on a paved path around Sewell’s Orchard pond, so distances are approximate. See images below.

    This will be the interval:

    Inline image 1

    Inline image 2

    Paces to target:

    Goal half/Goal marathon (h:ss) — 800 time (m:ss)
    1:45/3:40 — 3:22-3:33
    1:47/3:45 — 3:25-3:34

    1:50/3:50 — 3:29-3:40
    1:54/4:00 — 3:37-3:48

    2:01/4:15 — 3:49-4:02
    2:03/4:20 — 3:54-4:03

    Warm-up & cool-down will be about 1.75 miles each. Please bring water.

    Let us know if you have any questions or updates you want to share with us on your training!

    Coach Frank & Coach Carrie