Group1 14주차 훈련일정


Hey Group 1 –


Very sorry for the delay on this one! For tomorrow’s workout, we had hills on the plan – but then I remembered that most (or all, except for Yong) are officially tapering, and Steamtown and Chicago are THIS WEEKEND! Time flies when you’re having fun I guess?


As mentioned before briefly, here are some tidbits from an awesome reference – “Advanced Marathoning” by Pfitzinger – his Key Principles for Marathon Tapering:

* begin tapering 3 weeks before your marathon

* maintain training intensity

* reduce mileage

* make recovery days easy, or take days off

* optimize recovery strategies with proper diet and hydration

* eliminate muscle tightness with stretching, physical therapy, massage, and rest


So what we’re looking to do tomorrow is keep these principles in mind by shortening the workout a bit but also throwing in an added element so the MCM and Potomac River folks can push a little if they’d like…


We’ll warm up by running to the lakefront loop at an easy pace, then we can pickup the pace a little bit as a group and do an “Indian Run” – for those unfamiliar, this is basically where we run in a line, then alternate so that the runner at the back of the line sprints forward until they are in front, and repeating the process. The beauty of this is that the sprints can vary in pace – so for those racing this upcoming weekend, you could simply keep the same pace until you get to the front! Or if you want to push a little harder (MCM runners) you can sprint a little quicker. We can continue this for two laps around the lake, then head back to OMHS. Additionally as an extra option – Chicago/Steamtown folks could do a last easy 2 miles of marathon pace around the lake to continue to drill it into your mind for raceday – this was one of Pfitzinger’s suggestions but I’ll leave it up to you guys.


See you tomorrow night at 6!