Group1. 13주차 훈련일지

Hey folks


We are approaching crunch time!  For most of us we are moving into Taper time!


As Coach Matt indicated last week, time  to reduce volume but not necessarily intensity. So with that in mind we have our last really hard workout scheduled for the Howard Community College track 10 x 800.



I am going to suggest just meeting over HCC at 6pm. Since we do not have any speakers. The workout is as follows:





Warm up


On the track 1.5 miles  and then 2 laps of strides



Work out


10 X 800 at yasso pace, 400 Recovery


(Get water after each 800 if you need to but launch right into the 800 after the easy lap.)



Cool Down


4 laps easy



Will be little over 10 miles Total



Remember to run hard but be carefull and err on the side of caution if you have a possible injury.




Matt and Tunde