Group1 14주차 훈련일정


Hey Group 1 –


Very sorry for the delay on this one! For tomorrow’s workout, we had hills on the plan – but then I remembered that most (or all, except for Yong) are officially tapering, and Steamtown and Chicago are THIS WEEKEND! Time flies when you’re having fun I guess?


As mentioned before briefly, here are some tidbits from an awesome reference – “Advanced Marathoning” by Pfitzinger – his Key Principles for Marathon Tapering:

* begin tapering 3 weeks before your marathon

* maintain training intensity

* reduce mileage

* make recovery days easy, or take days off

* optimize recovery strategies with proper diet and hydration

* eliminate muscle tightness with stretching, physical therapy, massage, and rest


So what we’re looking to do tomorrow is keep these principles in mind by shortening the workout a bit but also throwing in an added element so the MCM and Potomac River folks can push a little if they’d like…


We’ll warm up by running to the lakefront loop at an easy pace, then we can pickup the pace a little bit as a group and do an “Indian Run” – for those unfamiliar, this is basically where we run in a line, then alternate so that the runner at the back of the line sprints forward until they are in front, and repeating the process. The beauty of this is that the sprints can vary in pace – so for those racing this upcoming weekend, you could simply keep the same pace until you get to the front! Or if you want to push a little harder (MCM runners) you can sprint a little quicker. We can continue this for two laps around the lake, then head back to OMHS. Additionally as an extra option – Chicago/Steamtown folks could do a last easy 2 miles of marathon pace around the lake to continue to drill it into your mind for raceday – this was one of Pfitzinger’s suggestions but I’ll leave it up to you guys.


See you tomorrow night at 6!


Group1. 13주차 훈련일지

Hey folks


We are approaching crunch time!  For most of us we are moving into Taper time!


As Coach Matt indicated last week, time  to reduce volume but not necessarily intensity. So with that in mind we have our last really hard workout scheduled for the Howard Community College track 10 x 800.



I am going to suggest just meeting over HCC at 6pm. Since we do not have any speakers. The workout is as follows:





Warm up


On the track 1.5 miles  and then 2 laps of strides



Work out


10 X 800 at yasso pace, 400 Recovery


(Get water after each 800 if you need to but launch right into the 800 after the easy lap.)



Cool Down


4 laps easy



Will be little over 10 miles Total



Remember to run hard but be carefull and err on the side of caution if you have a possible injury.




Matt and Tunde



Group1 12 주차 훈련


Hey Guys,


Great seeing many of you this Sunday at Metric! Good workouts and races!


This week we are going to do our last Marathon paced workout of the program.


7 miles at marathon pace around Lake K. We have reserved Lake K to do the workout.



Warm up: 1.5 miles  easy to Lake K



Work out  7 miles at your predicted marathon pace (so stop making loops around the Lake when you have hit the 8.5 mark on your Garmin).



Cool down  1.5 mile easy back to the high school.



This should give you at  least 10 miles total for the work out.



Matt and Tunde



Hey everyone!


Coach Franz will be joining us for the marathon pace workout at Lake K this evening. A common question is usually about marathon pace since seriously, who can easily calculate that in their head without difficulty? I found this handy link which puts it all out on one page (from world record to normal goals) so that it’s easy to find your pace looking left (goal) to right (avg mile pace):


From the pre-program survey, common goals (ish) with paces were 3:30 (8 mpm), 3:15 (7:28 mpm), and 3:45 (8:33 mpm) for reference in case you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to look at the chart..


Finally, here are some average times for those who’ve logged in RA which may be what you want to shoot for based on the last 6mi tempo workout – though conditions might be a little favorable.  In this case we could pick it up the last miles in a “negative split” type fashion if it’s too easy for slightly faster miles 6 and 7.




Seth – 8:05


Tim – 8:00ish


Rachel – 7:50


Ryan – 7:30 (based on 3:25 goal, 7:45-7:50)





Mark – 7:00



Steamtown / Chicago:


Allison – 8:10 (avg pace, if running 10s faster than MP, 8:20)


Ken – 7:55


Pamela – 8:10 or 8:20



Note 1 – Steamtown/Chicago folks are tapering!! This should be an awesome opportunity for you to keep some intensity in your workout while starting to slowly decrease your mileage leading up to race day! Additionally as you’re appx 2.5 weeks out this is awesome mentally, to be able to get into your mental groove for the pace that you hope to keep for the upcoming race.  It’s coming soon!


Note 2 – A few of you ran Metric this weekend (GREAT JOB!) – Seth, Ryan, Mark, Russ – please don’t go by the above times.  Most of you either raced it or ran it as a goal marathon pace type workout from what I remember, and doing another MP workout two days after isn’t really a great idea.  So I’d step it down a bit and go maybe 30s slower to play it conservatively and avoid potential injury. I learned a valuable lesson last year when running Yassos two days after my goal marathon and it didn’t go so well…


Note 3 – Since this is the longest run that we’ll do at a marathon pace, it might be worth considering your race strategy.  Though we’re on a loop course around Lake K and have a prime place to leave water, it’s better to follow what you’ll be doing during the race.  So if you’re planning on wearing a hydration belt or using a bottle, bring it – this can add in the mental preparation leading up to race day.


Finally, please let me know if you’re not able to make it  – I’ve been out of the loop on vacation and catching up a bit on logs but it looks like Russ may be out.  We’d like to head out by 6pm to avoid waning daylight so please drop a note if you can!


Coach Matt and Tunde