After run core exercises

러닝 후 실시한 코어 강화를 위한 서킷 트레이닝 순서입니다. 약 7회씩 쉬지않고 이어 하는데, 처음에 Push up 20번, flank 45 초, 그리고 아래 Abs운동을 순서대로 7회씩, 다시 Push up 20번 flank 45초 이렇게 했던 것 같습니다. 벌써 기억이 희미~~^^;


Group 1 –

Great job tonight!  Not only did we have a pretty good attendance for the first week, but additionally everyone did very well with the tempo run.  Coach Tunde wanted me to send out the fun *cough painful cough* core exercises that we finished our workout with at the group session.  Practicing these on a somewhat regular basis, maybe a few times per week, will help strengthen our cores and make Tuesday nights easier! – here they are:


1. Half Crunch (or low Crunch)

2. Half Crunch to right

3. Half Crunch to the left

5. Half Crunch with knees up

5. Knees out  (Same postion as previous but knees out and in)

6. Superman (Extend legs stright up and finger tips to toes)

7. Scissors-bring legs down( up,out, in and down is one)

8. Rock and roll (instep of feet together and then roll-up)

9. Bicycle (opposite elbow to opposite knee)

10. Full crunch (stright legs and then bring knees in)


And here’s a brief paragraph from a good book [Advanced Marathoning by Pfitzinger] about strengthening your core and it’s benefits:


“When you run, your trunk acts as a fixed base while your legs work as levers relative to that base to propel you forward. If the torso and pelvic muscles that form your fixed base are weak or fatigue quickly, then you can’t maintain an efficient body position while running. By improving the strength and muscular endurance of your pelvis and torso, you provide a more-stable base of support for your legs to work from. This improvement will allow you to maintain your stride length throughout the marathon; part of the reason that many marathoners slow as the race progresses is that their stride shortens as they tire. (p.86)”


Additionally as mentioned at the workout, there are two excellent opportunities to get in some training mileage.  Though these are not official parts of the program, they are an awesome chance to get it done with other runners – for me, the miles don’t exactly fly by when I’m by myself:

Bagel Runs – weekly on Saturday mornings:

Feet First – weekly on Thursday evenings, 6:30PM starting at Feet First Sports:

Great job again and enjoy your runs this week – stay hydrated!

-Coach Tunde and Coach Matt